Deanna Vickers Testimonial

“The fit and feel is just what I was hoping for. I have worn them to the gym twice and 2 hikes of around 5-7 miles each. They smell and feel as fresh as when I received them. On a scale of 1- to 10 with 10 being best I would give them an 11! […]


Andy Politz Testimonial

“I’m not sure if I had ever had a sock match a walker’s needs so well: stay in place, cushioning, comfort… In my 45 years of adventure activities. They are a highly valued innovation and will be on my feet from here on out. I have a new favorite gift for friends!”


Guy Vennero Testimonial

“I wore them every single days for 7 days on the trail. I never washed them and they do not smell. I’m a fan, I think these are great socks. They were pretty dry most of the time and they dry out quick if we had to go through stream, so good job. I love […]