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Outdoor Navigation: How to Find Your Way in the Wilderness

person holding black and white compass for outdoor navigation

If you spend a good amount of time in the wilderness, getting lost is always a risk.  Outdoor navigation skills can be a lifesaver. This is especially true if you go out alone. In most cases your hike, hunt, or camping trip will start out just fine. You are enjoying nature and decide to leave […]

Common Backpacking Questions Answered

backpacking questions

If you’ve never been backpacking before and are planning your first trip, it’s normal to have many questions about this exciting outdoor activity. You may be wondering how to get in shape for a backpacking trip, what kinds of equipment you’ll need, or how much distance you can expect to cover in a day. Learning […]

Hiking Exercises: How to Get in Shape for Hiking

hiker doing a handstand outdoors

Hiking is a full-body workout that requires strength, balance, and endurance. In order to enjoy your upcoming hiking trips and protect yourself from injury, you’ll want to build up strength in certain muscle groups and improve your cardio fitness with some hiking exercises prior to hitting the trail. Whether you’re preparing for some easy to […]

25 Hiking Hacks Every Hiker Should Know

hiking hack

Many people hike to relax, enjoy nature, and escape the stresses of daily life. But numerous things can go wrong when hiking, from getting lost to developing painful blisters to losing your keys. Having a few hiking hacks up your sleeve can help prepare you for the unexpected and make your hike more enjoyable in […]

Hiking With Dogs: Guide to Hiking & Backpacking with Your Best Friend

hiking with dogs

Hiking is a great way of getting closer to nature and being physically active. Although dogs can be great hiking buddies, they need more care than usual on the trail. There are a number of reasons that can make hiking with dogs a rewarding experience, but you also need to consider the extra responsibilities that […]

Trail Etiquette: Basic Rules Every Hiker Should Know

hikers following trail etiquette

Every game has its own rules and unwritten conventions and hiking and backpacking is no exception. There are things that we learn through experience and observation and not through training and exams. Trail etiquette is one of them and for the most part, guided by unwritten rules. These rules and conventions are generally accepted and […]

The Cost of Thru-hiking

dollar notes symbolizing the cost of thru-hiking

Thru-hiking is a life-changing experience and an incredible accomplishment that hikers worldwide aspire to, but many wonder how to afford it. In this post, we’ll break down the cost of thru-hiking and explain how much hikers spend on some of the most iconic long-distance trails. We’ll also share common ways people afford to thru-hike and […]

Blister Prevention and Treatment When Hiking

blister free feet

Introduction Workers in different industries are exposed to different occupational hazards and some are exposed to more hazardous environments than others. For example, medical professionals are exposed to biohazards on a daily basis while regular exposure to dangerous chemicals is a routine matter for factory workers. Blisters can be considered as an occupational hazard for […]

Thru-Hiking 101: Preparation, Challenges and the Best Thru-Hikes

appalachian trail

What is Thru-Hiking? Thru-hiking seems like an impossible dream to many of us who wonder how it would be to keep walking month after month in the wilderness. This guide aims to answer most of these questions, including what thru-hiking really is, it’s history, preparation and challenges and some interesting stories of legendary thru-hikers. Thru-hiking […]

Ultralight Backpacking: A Hiking Guide for Beginners

Ultralight Backpacking

What is Ultralight Backpacking? As the name suggests, ultralight backpacking is about reducing as much weight as possible. However, the goal is not just to minimize unnecessary items, but to carry the lightest possible gear without compromising on safety and comfort. A growing number of backpackers no longer prefer carrying up to 70 pounds of […]