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25 of The Most Dangerous Hikes in the World

POSTED ON March 18, 2022 BY Ralph S.

Everyone has his/her own definition of ‘dangerous’, which also varies depending upon their fitness level and experience. That’s why it’s hard to categorically rank the world’s most dangerous hikes. To make things simpler, we have compiled a list based on the feedback from hikers, trail runners, mountaineers, mountain bikers and other outdoor sports enthusiasts.

A lot of people think of hiking as a ‘lesser’ dangerous outdoor activity. But there are places where putting just one foot in the wrong place can mean the difference between life and death. Add exposure to harsh weather conditions for a long period of time, wild animals and possibility of natural calamities to the equation and you get an outdoor activity that can get pretty dangerous. No matter how much you plan and prepare, there is always a possibility of things going wrong, which is what makes hiking a real adventure.

Why you should go on dangerous hikes

Adrenaline charge

If you are a risk-taker and are hungered for one-of-a-kind adventure, this list of world’s most dangerous hikes is for you. Hiking a dangerous trail boosts your Adrenaline level, which results in increasing the heart rate and blood pressure, expanding the air passages of the lungs, redistributing blood to the muscles and altering the body’s metabolism, as well as maximizing blood glucose levels primary for the brain. If you survive an arduous hiking experience, there’s no doubt that you will evolve into a much healthier version of yourself!

Pristine views for only you and your crew

Dangerous hikes means: not a lot of people are aspired to do it. You will have the advantage of the people who take “the path less trodden”. Enjoy pristine landscapes that only courageous hikers like you deserve, such as: sheer cliffs, isolated jungle, steep volcanic slopes, vertical mountain stairways,… It’s all worth the hassle.

Mental and physical challenge

Hiking dangerous trails does not only strengthen your physical ability, but also build up your character and mental stability. A hike like this grounds you. It teaches you to be brave yet humble, co-operative and resilient.

The most dangerous hikes in the world

We know you can’t wait to find out the most dangerous hikes in the world! Let’s cut the talk here and check out the web story below to see which hikes make it to our list!



Some hiking trails are simply not meant for the faint hearted and either require great hiking skills and fitness level or help of a professional. The hikes covered here are downright daring, but anyone in decent physical shape can take most of them on. The important thing is to always be prepared and aware of your surroundings, and other variables such as wildlife, climate and changing weather conditions.

Let us know if you enjoy our picks of the most dangerous hikes in the world in the comment down below.


Ralph S. is the founder of Silverlight, an avid hiker and trail runner he enjoys spending time outdoors, riding his motorcycle and swimming at the beach when he's not busy replying to customers or developing new Silverlight gear.

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