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Hiking Puns: The Best Hiking and Backpacking Jokes and Memes

POSTED ON November 22, 2023 BY Ralph S.


Hiking and backpacking are not just about the journey and the beautiful scenery, but also about the bonds we form with our fellow hikers. One of the best ways to connect with other outdoor enthusiasts is through humor, hiking puns, and memes, which have become a popular way to do so.

Whether it’s sharing a funny joke on the trail or sending each other hilarious memes on social media, hikers and backpackers have a knack for finding humor in even the most challenging situations. Personally, I’ve found that some of my fondest memories from hiking trips involve laughing until my stomach hurts with my hiking buddies.

If you’re planning a hike soon and are looking for some hilarious hiking puns to share with your friends along the way, you’ve come to the right place.

In this post, we’re going to share with you some of the funniest hiking and backpacking jokes and memes out there.

The Power of Funny Hiking Puns

The Power of Funny Hiking Puns

Hiking puns are like trail mix; they may seem a little cheesy, but once you start indulging in them, you just can’t stop. Hikers and backpackers love puns and wordplay because they add an element of fun and lightheartedness to the often challenging and physically demanding activity of hiking.

For starters, puns are a great way to break the ice and bond with your hiking buddies. Survived a tough hike? Share a pun about how you’re “barely bearly” hanging on or how your legs feel like “jelly for real-y”. Or, if you happen to come across an older hiker who’s still going strong, make a joke about how she’s “ninety-seven and still crushing it”.

Another reason why hikers love puns is because they make great Instagram captions. When you’re out on the trail, you want to capture those breathtaking views and memorable moments with your followers. But let’s face it, sometimes finding the perfect caption can be a challenge. That’s where hiking puns come in—they’re witty, playful, and perfectly suited for those clunky boots and hiking hair photos.

Check out these six examples:

Q1: Why don’t mountains wear hats?

A: Because they have peaks!

Mountains are one of the most fascinating parts of nature. Their towering peaks and unforgiving terrain make them a fantastic challenge for hikers and backpackers. And what better way to celebrate the majesty of mountains than with a good old-fashioned pun?

Q2: What do you call a bear with no teeth?

A: A gummy bear!

One of the most iconic parts of the hiking experience is encountering wildlife along the way. Whether you’re hiking through a forest or traversing a mountain range, you’re sure to come across some fascinating creatures. And what’s more fun than a bear pun?

Q3: How does a train eat on a backpacking trip?

A: It goes chew chew!

Backpacking is all about carrying everything you need on your back and setting out to explore the great outdoors. It’s a fantastic way to immerse yourself in nature and experience everything it has to offer. And what’s better than a pun that combines a popular form of transportation with a popular outdoor activity?

Q4: Why did the mushroom go on a hike?

A: Because it was a fungi to be with!

Hiking through the woods is an incredible experience, with towering trees, wildflowers, and plenty of mushrooms along the way. And what better way to celebrate the incredible fungus than with an amazing hiking pun?

Q5: How does a tree get on the internet?

A: It logs in!

The most amazing part about hiking is that you never know what you’re going to find along the way. From towering mountains to crystal-clear streams to gigantic trees, there’s always something new and exciting to discover. And what better way to celebrate all the amazing things you’ll see along the way than with a pun about one of the most iconic parts of nature?

Q6: Why did the hiker choose to go down someone else’s path?

A: Because they wanted to take a hike on the wild side.

Whether it’s exploring an unknown trail or trying a new adventure, sometimes it’s worth deviating from our own path and taking a chance. Just make sure to bring your sense of humor along for the journey! So, don’t be afraid to step off the beaten path and see where someone else’s path leads you. You never know what kind of adventure or joke awaits.

Funny Hiking Jokes

Funny Hiking Jokes

Get ready to laugh your socks off with these 10 hilarious jokes that will resonate with every hiker or backpacker on the trail.

Q1: How do you know when a hiker has reached the summit?

A: When they stop posting pictures on Instagram.

Q2: What did one hiking boot say to the other hiking boot?

A: Hi-tie!

Q3: What do you call a group of hikers who constantly argue over which route to take?

A: The Trail Blazer

Q4: Why did the grandmother start hiking?

A: She wanted to prove she still had some miles left in her!

Q5: What did the hiker say when he saw wildlife on the trail?

A: It’s time to bear down and keep going!

Q6: What do you call a group of hikers who always bring too much gear?

A: The Overpackers

Q7: Why did the backpacker refuse to hike in the hot, broiling sun?

A: Because he didn’t want a “hike” stroke.

Q8: What did the hiker say when they reached the end of a beautiful trail?

A: I can’t believe I made it! I’m “trail-y” proud of myself.

Q9: Why did the hiker refuse to continue on the trail when they saw mountains ahead?

A: Because they didn’t want to “peak” too soon

Q10: Why did the hiker need new boots after just one hike?

A: Because they fell into an eye canyon and had to hike out with only one boot!

Trailside Laughter: Backpacking Jokes

Trailside Laughter Backpacking Jokes

What’s better than taking in the beautiful scenery and challenging yourself on a backpacking trip? Add some laughter to the mix with hilarious hiking puns, funny hiking quotes, and funny hiking captions for your trusty hiking boots or even Instagram posts.

Here are 10 hiking puns that will make your next trip enjoyable.

Q1: Why did the backpacker’s knees go on strike during their hike?

A: Because they were tired of being “em-knee-sed” by all the uneven surfaces.

A pun on the word “embarrassed” and the phrase “knees-up”, which means to enjoy oneself. In this case, the backpacker’s knees were not enjoying the hike due to all the other uneven surfaces.

Q2: Why did the backpacker’s sleeping bags refuse to zip up all the way?

A: Because it wanted some “in-tent-ional” ventilation.

A play on words with “intentional” and “in-tent”. This joke also highlights the importance of proper ventilation while camping in sleeping bags.

Q3: Why did the backpackers bring a flute on their hiking trip?

A: Because they wanted to be known as “flute boys” in the bear world.

A pun on the term “boy scout” and how some people may think of flutes as instruments for little boys. This joke also references the fear of encountering bears while hiking.

Q4: What do you call a backpacker’s playlist?

A: The “hiking tunes” of their soul.

A play on words with “heart and soul” and the word “tunes”. This joke also highlights the importance of music while hiking.

Q5: Why did the backpacker refuse to hike in the hot, broiling sun?

A: Because they didn’t want a “hike” stroke.

A play on words with “heatstroke” and the word hike. It’s also a reminder to stay safe and hydrated while hiking in hot weather.

Q6: Why did the backpacker feel Oak-ay after their hike?

A: Because they found some “re-leaf” under the shade of a tree.

A play on words with “oak” and “okay”, as well as the phrase “relief”. This joke also highlights the importance of finding shade while hiking, especially in hot weather.

Q7: What did the backpacker’s gear say when they reached the top of a mountain?

A: “I can’t believe we made it to the tippy-top! It’s such a re-leaf!”

A pun on the phrase “tippy-top” and the word “relief”. This joke also highlights the physical strain of hiking with heavy gear.

Q8: Why did the backpacker choose soft tacos for their campfire dinner?

A: Because they didn’t want to deal with hard shells and a “flaming hot mess” on their hike.

A play on words with “hard shells” and how tacos can be messy, as well as a nod to the potential dangers of starting a campfire. This joke also touches on the struggles of cooking while camping.

Q9: Why did the backpacker’s hiking partner keep comparing their journey to a Shakespearean play?

A: Because they were in “Hiking-peare’s Arden Paradise.”

A pun on the phrase “Shakespeare’s Garden of Eden” and how hiking can feel like an adventure in nature. This joke also references one of Shakespeare’s plays, “As You Like It”, set in the Forest of Arden.

Q10: Why did the backpacker choose to hike early in the morning?

A: Because they wanted to beat the crowds and be an “early bird” on the trail.

A play on words with “early bird catches the worm” and how hiking early can offer a quieter and more peaceful experience on the trail

Hiking Memes and GIFs

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to add some humor to your next hiking trip, check out these hilarious hiking memes and gifs that will have you laughing all the way up the mountain.

Meme 1:

Hiking Memes and GIFs Meme 1

I saw this beautiful view and couldn’t resist taking a selfie.

Meme 2:

Hiking Memes and GIFs Meme 2

When the group can’t agree on a trail and you just want to get moving.

Meme 3:

Hiking Memes and GIFs Meme 3

When you try to be one with nature, but it’s just too muddy.

Meme 4:

Hiking Memes and GIFs Meme 4

When you thought you could navigate without a GPS and now you’re lost.

Funny Hiking Gifs

Gif 1:

Gif 1

When you thought those waterproof boots would save you, but they don’t.

Gif 2:

Gif 2

When you’re not sure if your hiking boots have a good grip or not.

Gif 3:

Gif 3

When you finally reach the top, it’s totally worth it.

Gif 4:

Gif 4

When you packed way too much for your hike, and now you have to carry it all.

Gif 5:

Gif 5

When you spot wildlife on your hike and try to get everyone’s attention.

Gif 6:

Gif 6

When you thought you were a pro at starting fires, but mother Nature had other plans.

Get Creative With Funny Hiking Captions

Get Creative With Funny Hiking Captions

Are you ready to hike your way into a fit of laughter? Look no further than these funny hiking captions.

While backpacking, it’s important to take breaks and enjoy the moments. And what better way to do that than by cracking jokes with your hike buddies or coming up with hilarious captions for those hiking photos?

Need some inspiration? Here are 15 examples of funny Instagram captions to get you started:

  1. “My boots may be clunky, but I’m still the queen of the trail.”
  2. “I hiked to get some fresh air, but now I just have too much ‘fresh’ air in my face.”
  3. “They say hiking is just a fine line between pleasure and pain…I call it a steep incline.”
  4. “If you see me dancing on the trail, it’s not because I’m crazy, it’s just my hiking playlist that rocks.”
  5. “The only thing more challenging than surviving a hike is coming up with funny hiking pun captions for Instagram.”
  6. “Hiking backcountry rivers? More like a self-selection process for the most well-balanced folks.”
  7. “My grandmother started walking five miles a day when she was 60…now she’s 97 and we have no idea where she is on the trail.”
  8. “Inspirational hiking quotes?” ‘Climb the mountains and get their good tidings’ – John Muir…but watch out for bears.”
  9. “I didn’t choose the trail; the trail blazed itself, and I just followed.”
  10. “If hiking was easy, it would be called walking on a flat surface.”
  11. “I survived hiking a mountain solo, but only because I was carried by my sheer determination.”
  12. “Hiking is like life – you never know what kind of animal or obstacle will come your way.”
  13. “I thought hiking in a group would be more fun, but it turns out everyone just wanna kick my butt on the trail.”
  14. “They say there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad mood…clearly they’ve never hiked in pouring rain with sore knees.”
  15. “My hiking partner may have survived a bear attack, but I’ve survived sleeping in tents with them.”


Hiking and backpacking are fantastic ways to experience the beauty of nature, and what better way to celebrate your love for the great outdoors than with a collection of hilarious hiking puns? Whether you’re sharing them with your trail mates or just enjoying them for yourself, these puns will no doubt bring a smile to your face and make your next hike even more enjoyable.

In addition to all these reasons, hikers also love puns because they’re just plain fun.

So, next time you’re out on the trail, take a moment to appreciate the many amazing things you’ll see along the way and remember to laugh a little at some of the best hiking and backpacking jokes and memes out there.


Ralph S. is the founder of Silverlight, an avid hiker and trail runner he enjoys spending time outdoors, riding his motorcycle and swimming at the beach when he's not busy replying to customers or developing new Silverlight gear.

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