25 of the Best Outdoor Adventure & Hiking Books of all Time

POSTED ON August 25, 2020 BY Ralph S.

You probably have read all the thrilling and exciting books in your favorite bookshop. Read all the outdoor adventure books recommended by your friends. But, did you know that there are some books you might have just missed? And are a must-try before your next getaway?

We have compiled a list of 25 of the best outdoor adventure and hiking books of all time that you should read before planning your next excursion. You can access it, by clicking on the web story below:


Amongst this list are insightful books, best-sellers, and fiction books written by award-winning authors, expert hikers, and professional mountaineering enthusiasts. 

For example, if you have never visited the remote and fascinating Canyonlands in Utah, reading Between a Rock and a Hard Place informs you of everything you will encounter in this National Park.

What did we focus on when compiling this adventure books list?

Every outdoor book list focuses on different aspects. Some include books written for the novice hikers and some target to insight the much-experienced backpackers.

Here are four reasons that made us compile this list for you.

  1. Vital Information – There are minor things most hikers miss to consider during a planned adventure. These minor things later turn out to be crucial mistakes that should not have happened. Leaving behind a compass, for instance, can negatively affect your outdoor experience in case the team gets lost.
  2. Survival techniques – If you are planning to leave on a two-week hiking getaway, you need to know how to survive under different settings (either Alpine or Arctic). Most of the stories read in our list of books include surviving skills one needs to understand, and what hikers can do in case they face difficult tests.
  3. True Stories – When you read about true stories of hikers and backpackers during their visits to isolated parts of the world, you will understand how they made their memorable getaway a success and learn how they were able to manage difficult situations and in some cases life-threatening emergencies.
  4. Inspiration – Our list of books have tried to focus on touching stories that inspire you to go out hiking without feeling anxious. Out of all the 25 books listed here, you will read insightful stories, beautiful endings, and engaging write-ups. 

Most hikers will find reading an outdoor book before attempting a longer hike positively alters their interaction with the wild. Now it’s time to go out there create your own story about your experience.

Here are two inspirational quotes from authors on our list:

“Every walk of life falls under the Testicular Imperative: Either you have the world by them, or it has you.”

Colin Fletcher, River: One man’s journey down the Colorado, Source to Sea

“The word ‘experienced’ often refers to someone who’s gotten away with doing the wrong thing more frequently than you have.”

Laurence Gonzales, Deep Survival: Who Lives, Who Dies, and Why

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