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Hiking vs Trekking: What’s the Difference?

hiking vs trekking

Many people use the terms hiking and trekking interchangeably. But do they really mean the same thing? Hiking and trekking both involve traveling on foot in the outdoors, often in a lovely natural environment with beautiful views. While they may seem quite similar, several characteristics distinguish hiking vs. trekking. Key differences between these activities include […]

The Benefits of Hiking – What Hiking Can Do for You

hikers enjoying benefits of hiking

There is a lot more to hiking than just having some fun. It’s common knowledge that constant inactivity can lead to many health issues. It might be surprising, but there are many benefits of hiking, not all which are obvious and it can even reduce the risk of issues including cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis, obesity and […]

Trail Etiquette: Basic Rules Every Hiker Should Know

hikers following trail etiquette

Every game has its own rules and unwritten conventions and hiking and backpacking is no exception. There are things that we learn through experience and observation and not through training and exams. Trail etiquette is one of them and for the most part, guided by unwritten rules. These rules and conventions are generally accepted and […]

The Cost of Thru-hiking

dollar notes symbolizing the cost of thru-hiking

Thru-hiking is a life-changing experience and an incredible accomplishment that hikers worldwide aspire to, but many wonder how to afford it. In this post, we’ll break down the cost of thru-hiking and explain how much hikers spend on some of the most iconic long-distance trails. We’ll also share common ways people afford to thru-hike and […]

25 Delicious Backpacking Food Ideas

backpacking food

If you want to get directly to the nitty-gritty, here’s a web story with 25 delicious backpacking food ideas for your next hike: 25 Delicious Backpacking Food Ideas Read on for more backpacking food and meal planning tips and if you want to learn more about general rules for choosing great trail food. What makes for […]