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Merino Wool: History, Benefits, Facts and Uses

three sheep grazing on grass

What is Merino Wool? Merino Wool is the wool extracted from the breeds of sheep called Merino. It is famous the world over for its unique and natural properties. What differentiates it from other types of wool are its finer, softer and luxuries fibers.  Softness, breathability and shine are some other characteristics of Merino wool […]

Common Hiking Sock Questions Answered

hiking sock questions

Before planning a long hike, there are hundreds of questions most backpackers need to answer. For instance, one would like to know what the best backpacking food ideas are and how to prevent and treat blisters during hiking. All these questions need the correct answer to create a great hiking experience. Here are some of the […]

Compression Socks For Hiking

hikers with compression socks

From comfort and durability to odor and moisture control, there are many factors hikers and trail runners must consider when picking out the perfect socks for their adventures. This post explores one of those components in-depth: compression. In addition to covering the pros and cons of compression therapy, we’ll compare compression socks vs hiking socks […]

Backpacking Checklist: What to bring on Multi-Day Hikes

backpacking checklist

Backpacking is fun and exciting, but also challenging at the same time. In addition to a certain level of physical fitness, you also need to prepare well for your backpacking adventures. With so many items to choose from, without having a backpacking checklist, it can become difficult for beginners to pick the right ones, especially […]

Ultralight Backpacking: A Hiking Guide for Beginners

Ultralight Backpacking

What is Ultralight Backpacking? As the name suggests, ultralight backpacking is about reducing as much weight as possible. However, the goal is not just to minimize unnecessary items, but to carry the lightest possible gear without compromising on safety and comfort. A growing number of backpackers no longer prefer carrying up to 70 pounds of […]

Why it’s Time to Ditch Your Hiking Boots

Hiking Boots

Should You Ditch Your Hiking Boots for Trail Runners? The trail running shoes vs hiking boots is an ongoing debate that never seems to come to a conclusion. People belonging to the hiking boots camp have their own reasons to believe that hiking boots are superior to running shoes. However, more and more people have […]

How to Choose the Perfect Hiking Socks

How to choose hiking socks

Introduction People usually don’t pay much attention to socks, but a good pair can mean the difference between an enjoyable and uncomfortable hike. That’s why it’s important to consider a few things and take your time before buying hiking socks. This post covers some important things to consider when buying socks for your next adventure […]