BY LUKE FRANCIS – 12/06/2024

I never gave much thought to my hiking socks (really, I thought I already had the best) until a hiking partner made it clear I needed an upgrade. I finally picked up a few pairs of the famous Silverlight hiking socks. Here’s what happened.

blister prevention

1. No More Blisters 

I used to have some clear hotspots on the back of my ankle and on the side of my big toes. For the longest time I just dealt with it. Sure it made my hikes miserable but I had tried every sock and I just settled for the pair that was least painful. The first thing I noticed when I switched to Silverlight hiking socks I didn’t get ANY blisters! It was a modern day miracle. This alone had me convinced.

2. They NEVER Smell

This isn’t an exaggeration. I was skeptical too, but my friend told me to try and wear them for 3 days straight without washing. I thought he was crazy but never one to back down from a challenge I tried it. It was true. No SMELL! Turns out, Silverlight socks use silver threads woven into the sock that fight the bacteria from growing and in the process completely eliminating smell. My wife has been thanking me for switching to Silverlight!

3. They Feel As Good As They Smell

Not sure if you can imagine anything as good as a sock you can hike in for 3 days with no smell. But the moment I put them on I realized there’s a serious difference between Silverlight and the “specialty” hiking socks I get at the big box store. The fabric is amazingly soft, the fit feels custom made, and they give great support without feeling too tight.

4. My Feet Stayed Dry

It rained, I walked through streams, and I sweat (a lot!) – yet even when wet they were incredibly comfortable to walk in thanks to the Merino wool. But most impressively they dried quickly. With the Silverlight unique Nylon and Merino dual layer construction they only took 1-2 hours to dry depending on the amount of water. And that’s 1-2 hours while walking! Sweat was never a problem.


5. They Don’t Move At All

I discovered real quick once I put them on that Silverlight socks have a slight compression. This is unique to any hiking socks I’ve tried before. But it turned out to be a perfect way to keep the socks exactly in the place they need to be. There’s nothing worse than socks that bunch or slip during a hike, right?

video cover hiker on mountain

6. They’re Worth It

I thought it was pretty normal to have to replace your hiking socks every couple of months (or, more realistically, ignore the fact that they’re falling apart). Silverlight socks are totally different. They’re sticking around for the long run.

7. They Have A Crazy Guarantee

As if the fact that they last a ridiculously long time wasn’t already enough. Each pair of Silverlight hiking socks comes with what they call their “Try On Guarantee”. I can try on a pair and if they don’t meet expectations then Silverlight promises a full refund with no return required. My first pair was a little too small, and I was able to size up with no hassle.

It’s a great feeling to slip on a pair of seriously comfortable hiking socks at the beginning of a hike and know my feet will still be fresh after a long day’s walk in the woods. Silverlight is a major upgrade and I’m never going back!